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Let the Tidewater Weight Loss medical team guide your weight loss journey in new and rewarding ways.

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"By Helping Patients find success in managing their weight, it is possible to delay or prevent so many significant health challenges"

 Dr. Cedric Pinckens

About Us

Our Approach

Tidewater Weight Loss Clinic has developed a four-step approach to success

Step 1
Medical Expertise

Dr. Pinckens is an expert in the latest advancements in medical treatment for weight loss.  He and his nursing staff monitor patient progress in person at our Norfolk Virginia office. 


Tidewater Weight Loss Clinic uses InBodyTM scanning technology -- with its precise, comprehensive body information -- to help our patients set their goals and track their progress.  In less than a minute on the scanner, the InBody technology allows each individual to understand his or her body better.  

Step 3

With the implementation of weight loss medication, overall appetite and food cravings subside, and patients discover an opportunity to build new eating habits. Tidewater Weight Loss offers nutrition guidance for making sustainable, healthy changes.

Step 4

With a certified fitness professional on staff, Tidewater Weight Loss can advise each patient on achievable activities that will help maintain muscle and build strength. 

  • Medical weight loss freed me from ever believing that I was overweight because I wasn’t doing enough.  For decades, I tried every diet book, every app, every exercise class and fitness DVD that came out.  Finally, semaglutide treatment moved the needle for me.  And because Tidewater Weight Loss uses Inbody scanning, I know that I am losing fat from my body, not water weight or muscle.
    CR down 15 lbs. since Summer 2023
  • Semaglutide weight loss medication has changed my relationship with food. For the first time I can remember, I am not always thinking about what I just ate or what I am going to eat next. I am happy about the weight I have lost. And I am equally happy to have gained back the time and the money I was devoting to food.
    KC, Down 21 lbs. since Fall 2023
  • Within a few weeks, I noticed my meal portions were shrinking, my alcoholic beverages were fewer, and, surprisingly, I have completely stopped biting my nails - which I have done all my life. I know it will take progressing to the next levels of doses for me to reach my weight goal, but I am pleased with the changes.
    BK, 8lbs lost in 5 weeks
  • When I started this journey, I was able to get prescription tirzepatide weight loss meds through my primary care doctor and my insurance.  It changed my life!  I lost weight and got on a healthier path. But once I reached a certain number on the scale, my insurance wouldn’t cover my name brand prescription anymore and the costs were practically as much as my rent!...
    LM, 40lbs. lost since Spring 2023
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Let the Tidewater Weight Loss medical team guide your weight loss journey in new and rewarding ways.

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